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Selecting Product/Supplier (Import)

Find a viable product to import and a supplier to produce it.
  1. Global Sourcing (6)

Where to Source Products and What to do if You Receive Crappy Product Samples
Here I cover where to source a new product and what to do if you receive crappy product samples.

How to Determine Whether to Redesign Your Product Package for an Overseas Market
This article provides lessons learned on a product launch in Japan and tips on determining whether to redesign your product package for overseas market entry.

How to Select a Product to Import
This article helps you learn how to select a product for import.

Hiring a Customs Broker: How to Ensure the Importing Process Runs Smoothly
Here’s a look at what a customs broker is, what they do and how to find one.

Global Sourcing: 5 Ways to Make Global Sourcing a Success
This article provides tips on how to make the most of global sourcing.

Importing: How to Find a Supplier for the Product You Want To Import
This article helps you with the process of finding a supplier for the product you want to import.

Scripting Your Communication to the Manufacturer: Import-Export Business
This article guides you on how to script a communication to find a manufacturer for an import or export product.

Manage & Grow Your Import and Export Business
After you map out your import and export journey, developing sales and distribution is critical. Here we cover finding customers, locating overseas suppliers, determining routes to importing and exporting, shipping logistics, service and product pricing, financing options, booking an order, documentation, customer service, strategic...

Global Trademarks: A Start Up Guide to Global Trademarks
This article addresses what a trademark is, how to select a trademark, how to establish rights to a trademark and where to turn for additional help.

Six Things to Know About Becoming a Licensed Customs Broker
What you need to know to become a licensed customs broker.

What is Parallel Importing?
In this article, I define what parallel importing is, provide an example of parallel importing and touch on the lawfulness of parallel importations.

How to Develop and Price a New Product for the Global Marketplace
This article details what it takes to bring a product to market and price it fairly.

Eight Tips for New Importers
Once you have crafted a plan on what type of product you want to import, the following tips will serve as a guide in the import process.

An Inside Guide on Sourcing in China
Leading B2B media company Global Sources recently released its China growth stimulus measures, which claims a win-win situation for suppliers and buyers alike. I challenged that notion on the “why” by conducting an email interview with Global Sources’s Editor in Chief, Meghla Bhardwaj. Read the edited transcript of the interview.

A 10-Point Checklist to Expedite Clearance of Goods on Imports
In this article, I’ve prepared a 10-point checklist to use as a guide for expediting the clearance of your goods on an import transaction.

Importing: Entry of Goods
In this article, I address what is required in the import entry process, who can make the entry, what documentation is required and what happens if no person files for entry of goods (you’d be surprised at how often this happens).

Reader Question About Importing a Product and Selling It Locally
This article answers questions from a South Korean reader about importing a product and selling it locally.

Global Sourcing in an Interconnected World
In this article, I drill down on one particular sourcing platform, Global Sources (GS).

Factors to Consider When Outsourcing
In this article, I discuss seven factors to consider when looking to outsource from around the world.

7 Lessons Colleagues have Taught Me on Importing Products from China
In this article, I examine the perils with conducting business in China and offer seven lessons to help treat some of the pain points.

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know Before Starting an Import/Export Business
Once you select a product, how do you know it will sell? Will you make money selling it? How should you price the product? These are the questions addressed in this article, which is part II of a III-part series.

How Companies Master the Quota System
Here you can glean lessons on how the big sourcing companies deal with import quotas and come up with some new ideas on your own to better manage your supply chain.

9 Tips for Managing a Global Supply Chain
This article shows you how to keep your global supply chain short, simple, and manageable.

How to Become the Supplier of Choice By Using Out-of-the-box Thinking
Here are my 10 diagnostic questions you should ask to develop best practices for your global delivery systems.

7 Benefits to Working with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council
The Hong Kong Trade Development Council can service your needs— from finding partners to sourcing goods and services in Hong Kong. Let's take a look.

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