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Doing Business In ...

There are many developments in the world economy that are contributing to the emergence of a borderless world and the runaway growth of opportunity that goes along with it. Here you will learn tips for doing business in economies unlike your own that will help land your product or service in every economy imaginable, no matter how remote.

How to do business with one of the world's largest economies: China.

How to enhance your success when negotiating with French business associates.

JETRO Aids Exports to Japan
Learn how JETRO, Japan External Trade Organization, can help you maximize your global export potential to Japan.

Singapore: The Entrepreneurial Capital of the World
This briefing offers stats and tips on doing business in Singapore and an understanding of why Singapore is considered the entrepreneurial capital of the world.

Japan Business: 5 Ways to Build Harmony with Japanese Customers
Two important guidelines for doing business in Japan are: honor all of your own obligations scrupulously, but help your associates avoid incurring them. This article highlights five ways to put these principles to work.

Japanese System: How Japan’s Distribution System Works for You
Japan's distribution system can benefit exporters who take the time to learn its workings and plot their marketing strategies accordingly. This article shows you how to put Japan's distribution system to work for your business.

Essential Market Trends and Keys to Success
By now, you’re well on your way to growing your import and export business. What’s next? There are many developments in the world economy that are contributing to the emergence of a powerful borderless world and the runaway growth of opportunity that goes along with it. Here we give you essential information on the impact of relevant trends...

International Business Travel: Packing Smart For An International Business Trip
Here are some essentials for a one-week business trip, including wardrobe, accessories and documents.

Brazil’s Opportunity for Overseas Growth
In this article we examine what makes Brazil a robust market offering excellent growth opportunities on exports.

A Take Action Guide to Setting Up an Office Outside of the U.S.
This is a take action guide to setting up an office outside of the U.S.

Legal Tips for American Small Business Owners Doing Business in China
Recently I interviewed Dan Harris of Seattle-based HarrisMoure via email about conducting business in China. Here's what he had to say. Note: Dan also authors the China Law Blog (http://www.chinalawblog.com), a highly popular platform offering practical aspects of Chinese law and how it impacts business there.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly to Conducting Business in the Czech Republic
I interview Czech Republic expert Michael Grant. He provides the good, the bad and the ugly to doing business in the Czech Republic.

An Interview with Brian Schwarz, an American marketing professor in China
In this interview, American marketing professor in China, Brian Schwartz, discusses a number of things, one of which is what small businesses can learn from trademark issues in China.

7 Benefits to Working with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council
The Hong Kong Trade Development Council can service your needs— from finding partners to sourcing goods and services in Hong Kong. Let's take a look.

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