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Getting Started

Learn everything there is to know about how to get started in an import/export business.
  1. Setting Up The Business (5)

Everything You Need to Know About Starting an Import & Export Business
Get help mapping out your import and export journey as well as navigating corporate, legal and financial issues. We also provide answers to the questions that importers and exporters ask most often: Why should I import and export? How will I find a product? How will I find a manufacturer? Do I need an import or export plan? Is a contractual...

Are You Ready to Import and Export?
This article helps to determine whether you are ready to import and export.

How to Find Importing and Exporting Success
How do you know when you are ready to expand your business internationally? This article answers that question and provides five tips for importing and exporting success.

How To Start An Import/Export Business (Part 1 of 2)
Find out what is required to start a profitable import/export business.

How to Position Your Business for Global Success
Here are ten ways to position your business for global success.

Establish Your Import/Export Dream Team
In officially setting up your import/export business, here are the experts you need on your dream team.

Choosing Your Form of Organization (Part 1 of 2)
How to decide which legal structure is best for your import/export business.

Choosing Your Form of Organization (Part 2 of 2)
How to decide which legal structure is best for your import/export business. We examine the differences between a partnership, corporation, subschapter S and limited liability company (LLC).

How to Develop an Import/Export Business Plan
This article defines what an import/export business plan is and how to develop one that allows you to measure results.

How to Develop An Export Marketing Plan
Market research is a powerful tool for exploring and taking control of your global territory. It also enables you to develop an export marketing plan. Take it look at how it's done.

Technology Helps Business Go Global
The use of technology makes finding opportunities in the world marketplace a breeze for small business owners and executives who might like the idea of going global. Here's how.

Service Exports: A Dynamic Export Option
As you take your business global, you'll find that keeping ahead of the competition takes more than just getting your product into export markets. You'll find that you need to cultivate the additional strength of exporting superior services. In this article we discuss exporting a service and how it differs from exporting a product.

10 Insanely Great Websites to Help You Build an Import/Export Business
Websites to visit to build and grow your import/export business.

14 Incentives For Importing/Exporting
Find out 14 incentives (benefits) for importing/exporting!

Leading With a Global Mindset
How to develop the necessary skills and behaviors for import/export success.

Scripting Your Communication to the Manufacturer: Import-Export Business
This article guides you on how to script a communication to find a manufacturer for an import or export product.

Exporting Essentials
Ready to export? Where do you start? This article offers a 10-step action plan.

Growing a Global Business: Getting Started
This interview with Laurel Delaney (Part 1 of 2) explains how to get in the global game and, once you're there, how to use social networking tools to grow your business global.

Global Trademarks: A Start Up Guide to Global Trademarks
This article addresses what a trademark is, how to select a trademark, how to establish rights to a trademark and where to turn for additional help.

Launching Your Start-Up Globally
This interview was conducted by GrowBiz Media with me, Laurel Delaney in July 2012. I spoke with GrowBiz Media about launching a start-up globally since anyone in the world who has an Internet connection can access a website.

Exporting Resources You May Not Know About
Here are three fabulous resources you might not know about that will help you understand trade regulations, access market intelligence and find money for market development.

Import/Export Success: First, Get a Companywide Commitment
Success in importing and exporting is directly related to a companywide commitment. Find out why here.

How to Determine If a Foreign Company is Legit
How do you determine if a foreign company is legitimate? Here are seven ways to find out.

The Definitive Book on Exporting has Arrived!
This article talks about Laurel Delaney's forthcoming book, "Exporting: The Definitive Guide To Selling Abroad Profitably."

How to Determine if You are Ready to Export
This article helps you figure out if you are ready to export.

Six Biggest Stumbling Blocks to Going Global and How to Overcome Them
What is stopping small business owners and entrepreneurs from going global? Is it really that hard? It boils down to six basic, simple reasons. Here they are. Each of these is based on years of experience working in the field of importing and exporting.

Pointers for Developing an Export Business Plan
This is an excerpt from Laurel Delaney's new book, "Exporting: The Definitive Guide to Selling Abroad Profitably." It provides pointers on developing an export business plan.

An Interview With Turkish Star
An interview with Turkish television star, global entrepreneur and best-selling author Baybars Altuntas. Here's what came out of our discussion.

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know Before Starting an Import/Export Business
Here are a few pointers to help master the global game. This is the first installment in a three-part series—so stay tuned.

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know Before Starting an Import/Export Business
Once you select a product, how do you know it will sell? Will you make money selling it? How should you price the product? These are the questions addressed in this article, which is part II of a III-part series.

What You Need to Know Before Starting an Import/Export Business (III of III)
Here I cover sounding out the market before you tap into it, mastering the regulatory environment and locating a few good customers or suppliers well before you open your door to the world for business.

Why Web Translation is Critical For American Companies
An interview with Vigdis Eriksen, Founder & CEO of Eriksen Translations Inc. This is part one of a two-part interview.

How to Get In the Ready-State For Translating a Website
An interview with Vigdis Eriksen, Founder & CEO of Eriksen Translations Inc. This is part two of a two-part interview.

Web Globalization Tips
John Yunker discusses web globalizationhow to meet the needs of a target audience in an increasingly multicultural and multilingual world.

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