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International Business Schools: Your Key to the World

How to get an education fit for a life in global trade


Is there a secret to landing a job in the field of global trade? The short answer: No. Long answer: It starts with a good international business education. The day you start high school, you should be thinking about your international career and how to develop it. If you are beyond that stage and are preparing to enter a college or grad school, find out if the school offers an in-house career development coach or counselor. If they don’t, hire one yourself. After all, you are responsible for reaching your goals and making a difference in our world.

International business schools prepare students to master global business issues through study abroad experiences and specialized courses, from cross-cultural learning considerations to foreign manufacturing to global leadership skills. They also nurture students to become global entrepreneurs or help them find jobs in international business or at multinational companies.

That said, here’s a look (in alphabetical order) at top-notch schools from around the world that can serve as a key to your world at any age, fostering a culture of high-level learning, providing a solid foundation to network globally and opening doors to a brighter global entrepreneurial or employment future.

1. Babson Global at Babson College (U.S.A.)

Babson College is in pursuit of taking entrepreneurship global. Babson Global was created to manage Babson’s global projects and activities that fall outside of their traditional offerings in undergraduate, graduate and executive education.

2. EMLYON Business School (France)

EMLYON is a major force in the world of European Business Schools and has been educating entrepreneurs for the world for more than 140 years.

EMLYON, with its home base in France, prepares its students by exposing them to a truly international experience. Students have access to work and study opportunities across the globe and a multicultural on-campus environment, where over 80 nationalities come together.

EMLYON also serves as the co-founder of the World Entrepreneurship Forum, an entrepreneurial think-tank.

3. ESADE (Spain)

As one of the top global centers of management education, ESADE's global prestige — with more than 50 years of history — stems from its quality education, international focus and holistic approach towards professional and personal skills development.

4. Harvard Business School at Harvard University (U.S.A.)

For more than a century, Harvard University has maintained a network of global centers and offices in key cities around the world —including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Paris, Mumbai, and Palo Alto — that coordinate research and build local relationships that help weave the School into the fabric of the global marketplace.

About 35 percent of their MBA students and over 60 percent of their executive education participants are from nations other than the U.S., bringing richness and depth of international perspective to their daily case discussions.

Twenty-five percent of cases produced by faculty each year deal explicitly with international business issues.

5. Hult International Business School (U.S.A.)

Hult claims to be the world’s most international business school, offering students a unique opportunity to see the world while they study. As a graduate student, you can start anywhere and go anywhere. On Global Campus Rotation, you can pick your home campus and then choose to spend up to three months studying at two others.

Students could begin in Boston and then travel to Shanghai via London, or San Francisco via Dubai. The experience provides an inside look at the world’s fastest growing economies and closely examines international business practices.

The school encourages personal growth, intellectual integrity, global sensitivity, local engagement, and civic values so that students are able to flourish in the global economy and are empowered to contribute meaningfully to their business and community.

6. IE (Spain)

IE is an international institution dedicated to educating business leaders through programs based on their core values of global focus, entrepreneurial spirit and humanistic approach.

7. IESE Business School (Spain)

IESE offers diverse, high-quality international programs that are designed and delivered by faculty who are recognized for their dedication to teaching and research and who have close ties to the international business community.

A hallmark of the IESE experience is the school’s dedication to the individual development of each and every participant in their programs.

8. IMD Business School (Switzerland)

IMD is a world pioneer in executive education offering a hands-on learning approach facilitated by ongoing partnerships with leading international companies. They offer an open and inspiring learning environment to challenge students' perspective, expand their horizons and unlock their full potential.

9. INSEAD: The Business School for the World (France)

Considered one of the world's leading and largest graduate business schools, INSEAD brings together people, cultures and ideas from around the world to change lives and transform organizations. A global perspective and cultural diversity are reflected in all aspects of their research and teaching.

10. London Business School (UK)

Through London Business School's first-class programs, global community and international links, they can deliver an educational experience to transform their students' futures. They are also one of only three business schools in the world, and the only one in Europe, to offer a Sloan MSc program.

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