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Sending off your shipment, from booking an order with a global freight forwarder to packing, marking, and insuring your cargo for a safe and timely delivery, involves moving goods from a manufacturer in one country to the customer in another. This site guides you through the process.

Packing For International Shipping
Whether importing or exporting, you must ship your product from one country to another in an undamaged condition. This article outlines ten factors to consider on packing for international shipping.

Incoterms: International Shipping Terms
Here is a look at the most commonly used foreign trade terms provided by the International Chamber of Commerce’s Incoterms rules.

Carton Markings For Export
This article offers several considerations that govern your shipment marking.

Eleven Questions a Logistics Specialist Will Ask
Questions to address before moving goods from one country to another.

Export Shipping Documentation: Export Sale
This article outlines the basic international shipping documents required to complete an export sale.

Manage & Grow Your Import and Export Business
After you map out your import and export journey, developing sales and distribution is critical. Here we cover finding customers, locating overseas suppliers, determining routes to importing and exporting, shipping logistics, service and product pricing, financing options, booking an order, documentation, customer service, strategic...

International Shipments: Break Bulk and Container Loading
Here are a variety of common options and techniques for loading your international shipment. We focus on break bulk versus container loading.

Eight Tips for New Importers
Once you have crafted a plan on what type of product you want to import, the following tips will serve as a guide in the import process.

A 10-Point Checklist to Expedite Clearance of Goods on Imports
In this article, I’ve prepared a 10-point checklist to use as a guide for expediting the clearance of your goods on an import transaction.

What’s Needed on a Commercial Import Invoice
This article tells you how to prepare a commercial import invoice to ensure a smooth delivery.

Pallets: An Efficient Way to Handle, Transport and Ship Goods
An interview with John Shawyer, director and owner of the UK-based Associated Pallets Ltd. (http://www.associated-pallets.co.uk/). We talk about pallets.

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