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Regulations of Foreign Trade

While conducting business across borders, you will have to contend with the rules and regulations of each country you plan to do business in or with. We will focus on why regulations of foreign trade exist, how they affect the way importers and exporters do business and how to deal with them.

Everything You Should Know About Foreign Trade Regulations But Were Afraid to...
This article offers a short course in foreign trade regulations and how it can impact your import/export business.

Foreign Trade Statistics: How to Access U.S. Import and Export Trade Statistics
This article examines seven key offerings from the U.S. Census Bureau on Foreign Trade which is the official source for U.S. import and export statistics.

Hiring a Customs Broker: How to Ensure the Importing Process Runs Smoothly
Here’s a look at what a customs broker is, what they do and how to find one.

How to Get An Import Permit
How to get an import permit anywhere in the world.

Country of Origin Certificate
This article discusses the meaning of a country of origin certificate and why it's important on import/export shipments.

Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism: C-TPAT 101
This article covers the ins and outs of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT).

Export License: How to Determine Whether a Product Requires an Export License
This article helps you determine whether a product requires an export license.

Insurance Coverage For Export Shipments
Insurance coverage for export shipments is as vital to your product delivery plans as safe vehicles and good sturdy cartons. In this article, we look at four points to consider when securing air or marine export insurance.

Health Inspection and Certification
This article examines health inspection and certification issues as it relates to importing and exporting agricultural products.

Are you ISO-Certified?
This article describes the features and benefits to obtaining ISO certification (9000, 9001 and 14000).

Essential Market Trends and Keys to Success
By now, you’re well on your way to growing your import and export business. What’s next? There are many developments in the world economy that are contributing to the emergence of a powerful borderless world and the runaway growth of opportunity that goes along with it. Here we give you essential information on the impact of relevant trends...

Global Trademarks: A Start Up Guide to Global Trademarks
This article addresses what a trademark is, how to select a trademark, how to establish rights to a trademark and where to turn for additional help.

Six Things to Know About Becoming a Licensed Customs Broker
What you need to know to become a licensed customs broker.

How to Set Up a Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ)
In this article, I define what is a foreign-trade zone, what are the benefits and how to set one up.

How to Avoid Bribes in International Business
Here we examine a bribery scenario, learn about Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and discover how to avoid or handle bribery disputes.

How to Comply with Import Regulations
Are you complying with both state and federal government import regulations? Here’s how to find out.

The Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement
The United States and European Union aim to start negotiating the Transatlantic Free Trade Pact this year (2013). This article examines what it means for your business.

What is Parallel Importing?
In this article, I define what parallel importing is, provide an example of parallel importing and touch on the lawfulness of parallel importations.

What Constitutes a “Made in USA” Product?
In this article, I address a reader’s question: “What percentage of a product has to be manufactured in the United States for it to legally carry the label "Made in USA?”

Importing: Entry of Goods
In this article, I address what is required in the import entry process, who can make the entry, what documentation is required and what happens if no person files for entry of goods (you’d be surprised at how often this happens).

Legal Tips for American Small Business Owners Doing Business in China
Recently I interviewed Dan Harris of Seattle-based HarrisMoure via email about conducting business in China. Here's what he had to say. Note: Dan also authors the China Law Blog (http://www.chinalawblog.com), a highly popular platform offering practical aspects of Chinese law and how it impacts business there.

Are you ITAR Compliant?
The information in this article will help answer some of your questions as to whether you need to become ITAR compliant and how to go about it.

What’s Needed on a Commercial Import Invoice
This article tells you how to prepare a commercial import invoice to ensure a smooth delivery.

Reader Question About Importing a Product and Selling It Locally
This article answers questions from a South Korean reader about importing a product and selling it locally.

Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)
If you are an importer or exporter of chemical substances, then you should read this article.

An Interview with Brian Schwarz, an American marketing professor in China
In this interview, American marketing professor in China, Brian Schwartz, discusses a number of things, one of which is what small businesses can learn from trademark issues in China.

Why Fumigate in Today's Export Market?
In this article, I discuss what fumigation is, why it is necessary and how to fumigate, if needed, on the exporting front.

How Companies Master the Quota System
Here you can glean lessons on how the big sourcing companies deal with import quotas and come up with some new ideas on your own to better manage your supply chain.

Why Should a Small Business Owner Set Up An Operation in Switzerland?
Find out why a small business owner should set up an operation in Switzerland. This is part 1 of a 2-part series with Michael Shrum of Talencium LLC.

The Financial Implications of Opening an Operation in Switzerland
In part two of our interview, I talk with Michael Shrum, owner of Talencium LLC, about the financial implications of opening shop in Switzerland.

FCC Certificate: What is it and Why is it Needed?
This article highlights what is an FCC certificate and why it is needed.

The G20 e-Trade Readiness Index: Good and Bad News for SMEs
The G20 eTrade Readiness Index report presents magnificent upside potential for e-commerce. But there are obstacles in store for SMEs to overcome, as well.

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