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Social Media and Social Networking

How to use social media and social networking to make import/export business connections.

Technology Helps Business Go Global
The use of technology makes finding opportunities in the world marketplace a breeze for small business owners and executives who might like the idea of going global. Here's how.

Using LinkedIn to Market Your Import/Export Business Globally
How to use LinkedIn to market your import/export business globally.

LinkedIn: How to Pre-Qualify Import and Export Opportunities on LinkedIn
Learn how to establish healthy international business relationships online -- what to avoid and what to look for -- when identifying potential opportunities.

Growing a Global Business: Getting Started
This interview with Laurel Delaney (Part 1 of 2) explains how to get in the global game and, once you're there, how to use social networking tools to grow your business global.

Growing a Global Business: Working With Others
This interview (second installment) with Laurel Delaney (Part 2 of 2) talks about working with independent contractors and best practices for growing a global small business.

Global Mobile Marketing: Conducting World Business on the Go
Here we offer compelling facts on global mobile, tips on what works in global mobile and a case study to move you to action.

10 Secrets to Managing a Successful Blog
In this article we outline ten simple rules for managing a successful blog. Knowing your audience is a start.

Using Google to Go Global
Here's how to use Google AdWords to help customers the world over find you.

Recession-Proof Digital Marketing Tips
This article outlines some recession-proof tips to use in your global digital marketing efforts.

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