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Essential Market Trends and Keys to Success


By now, you’re well on your way to growing your import and export business. What’s next? There are many developments in the world economy that are contributing to the emergence of a powerful borderless world and the runaway growth of opportunity that goes along with it. Here we give you essential information on the impact of relevant trends and tips for doing business in economies unlike your own. New and experienced importers and exporters alike will benefit from this section.
  1. Foreign Regulations
  2. Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)
  3. Small Business Globalization (Evolution)
  4. Success Stories
  1. Success Strategies
  2. Trends (including Disruptive)
  3. Country Reports: Doing Business In ...

Foreign Regulations

While importing and exporting, you will have to contend with the rules and regulations of each country you plan to do business in or with. Here we focus on why regulations of foreign trade exist, how they affect the way importers and exporters do business and how to deal with them.

Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)

Free Trade Agreements improve foreign market access for exporters, promote economic growth and create jobs. Here we outline specific Free Trade Agreements and how they will benefit your import/export business.

Small Business Globalization (Evolution)

What was the climate like for small businesses that wanted to expand internationally in earlier years? Find out here as import/export consultant Laurel Delaney gives advice to small business owners and discusses the growth and challenges of the import-export industry.

Success Stories

There are no short-cuts to importing and exporting. The key is to just do it. Here you will find stories from people worldwide who have imported and exported with tremendous success.

Success Strategies

Here are scores of suggestions, examples and highlights of how to find and maintain success with your import and export business!

Trends (including Disruptive)

In this section, you can forecast, track and analyze the future of small businesses as it relates to relevant trends.

Country Reports: Doing Business In ...

In this section you'll find country reports that will help you succeed with your import and export business in a practical, effective, and cost-conscious fashion. Discover that you can no longer afford to do business strictly in your own backyard. The world is your market.

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