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Developing Sales and Distribution

Finding overseas customers and foreign suppliers for your import/export business can be accomplished through programs such as targeted social media and networking campaigns, trade shows, trade missions, and related trade networking services. This site introduces some of these services and suggests how you can take advantage of them.
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Global Marketing Strategy: Four Benefits to a Global Marketing Strategy
This article examines why it’s important to create a global marketing strategy for your business (no matter what size it is) and what the benefits are to crafting one.

Manage & Grow Your Import and Export Business
After you map out your import and export journey, developing sales and distribution is critical. Here we cover finding customers, locating overseas suppliers, determining routes to importing and exporting, shipping logistics, service and product pricing, financing options, booking an order, documentation, customer service, strategic...

Got a Website or Blog?
How creating a website and blog helps you easily find cross-border customers and suppliers.

Global E-Commerce: 3 Ways to Turn Your Website Into a Money-Making Machine
Here are three ways to turn your website into a global e-commerce money-making machine

Direct Exporting: Advantages and Disadvantages to Direct Exporting
What direct exporting means and the advantages and disadvantages to this method of foreign market entry.

Indirect Exporting: Advantages and Disadvantages to Indirect Exporting
There are several factors to consider when determining whether a direct or indirect export sales strategy is best for you -- most important, the extent of your resources and the degree of control you wish to exercise over your export ventures. This article highlights the distinction between an export management and export trading company along...

Face-To-Face International Business Meetings
To cement a quality business relationship, a face-to-face meeting is absolutely essential with your international customer. Find out why here.

How to Price Your Product Competitively For Import and Export Markets
This article discusses how to price your product competitively for import and export markets and what criteria you should consider for determining just how high or low you can go on your markup.

Exhibiting at Trade Shows
Insights into how to maximize your next trade show experience.

Japanese System: How Japan’s Distribution System Works for You
Japan's distribution system can benefit exporters who take the time to learn its workings and plot their marketing strategies accordingly. This article shows you how to put Japan's distribution system to work for your business.

Global Strategic Alliances: Why Form a Global Strategic Alliance
Find out valid reasons for forming a global strategic alliance (GSA).

Global Strategic Alliances: Advantages and Disadvantages
This article discusses how a global strategic alliance works and what it can and cannot do for you.

Global Strategic Alliances: Negotiating the Deal
This article examines how to negotiate the deal on a global strategic alliance.

How to Find and Pre-Qualify Importing Wholesalers For Your Product Line Overseas
This article provides a short list on how to find a good distributor overseas and once you have found one, how to pre-qualify them to insure that they are a reputable organization.

The Gold Key Service: How to Find International Customers the World Over
Are you stuck on how to find and meet with pre-screened potential cross-border business associates? Whether you are seeking a single customer, agent, a distributor or a joint-venture partner -- it's all covered here with details about the Gold Key Service (GKS).

Growing a Global Business: Getting Started
This interview with Laurel Delaney (Part 1 of 2) explains how to get in the global game and, once you're there, how to use social networking tools to grow your business global.

Less Local, More Global
This article outlines nine ways to sell your products internationally without ever leaving home.

Growing a Global Business: Working With Others
This interview (second installment) with Laurel Delaney (Part 2 of 2) talks about working with independent contractors and best practices for growing a global small business.

Five Strategies For Developing Overseas Sales Success
This article explains five creative yet reliable strategies that demonstrate cultural and social sensitivity, gain customer confidence and respect, and generate steady sales.

Service Exports: A Dynamic Export Option
As you take your business global, you'll find that keeping ahead of the competition takes more than just getting your product into export markets. You'll find that you need to cultivate the additional strength of exporting superior services. In this article we discuss exporting a service and how it differs from exporting a product.

10 Ways to Develop Great Global Customer Relations
All repeat business requires great global customer relations. This article outlines how to care and feed your overseas customers so they keep coming back.

Make International Customers Your No. 1 Priority
This article outlines how to make international customers your No. 1 priority.

Keep In Touch With Your Customer
This article provides tips on how to stay in touch with your customer - even if they show signs of dissatisfaction.

Five Ways to Satisfy Your Overseas Customer
This article highlights five steps to ensure that your overseas customers are happy ones.

Deliver on Your Promises
Delivering on your promises is doing what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it. This article provides specific examples of how delivering on your promises matters in the global marketplace.

Go Beyond Expectations
Want to know how to exceed the expectations of customers who are thousands of miles away? These ideas will help you astonish your customers so they keep coming back.

Involve Your Customer
Don't just get your customers to purchase your product or service. Give them a reason to care — get them involved. Here's how.

Become Your Customer's Partner
How might you create opportunities to partner or join forces with your customer? Here you will learn five inspiring ways to partner with your customer to grow the relationship.

Share Information with Your Customer
Keep an eye out for how you can help your overseas customers get where they want to go, not only in terms of business but also personally, spiritually and intellectually. This article provides tips on how to go about it.

Arrange Introductions for Your Customer
An introduction can be one of the most valuable services you can offer your customers. Here's why.

Build Interdependency With Your Customer
Have you built a bond with your customers that encourages them to look to you when there is a problem, or when they need an experienced importer’s/exporter’s advice? Read on ...

A Guide to Working With an International Distributor
This article examines what an international distributor does and what you need to know before appointing one.

A Guide to Working With a Sales Agent
This article examines what an international sales agent does and what you need to know before appointing one.

Are you ISO-Certified?
This article describes the features and benefits to obtaining ISO certification (9000, 9001 and 14000).

Contract Manufacturing
This article examines what contract manufacturing is and what it can do for your import/export business.

International Business Travel: Packing Smart For An International Business Trip
Here are some essentials for a one-week business trip, including wardrobe, accessories and documents.

6 Reasons to Love E-Commerce
Here we examine six reasons for loving your e-commerce site after it’s set up.

Trusted Travelers Can Move Fast Through Airports
Here we describe eight programs that serve to protect and expedite your international travel.

The Next Digital Revolution: Mobile Phones Plus eCommerce Equals Digital...
Here we outline six trends and developments in the world of mobile along with suggestions on what you should do next to stay ahead and remain relevant.

Pre-Screening Overseas Distributors: 50 Questions to Ask
Think you’ve found the perfect overseas distributor? How do you know for sure? Here we’ve created a checklist of all the questions you should ask to pre-screen distributors.

Global Mobile Marketing: Conducting World Business on the Go
Here we offer compelling facts on global mobile, tips on what works in global mobile and a case study to move you to action.

Export Promotion and Development
This article defines what export promotion means and how it affects a government’s export strategy, such as the National Export Initiative (NEI) in the United States. It will also help you increase the export sales of your products.

What to Do: An Overseas Sales Agent, Distributor or Wholesaler Doesn’t ...
This article outlines steps to take before setting up an international sales or distributorship agreement, which will protect you should something run afoul.

Crisis Management: What to Do When Your Import/Export Goes Wrong
This article demonstrates with two specific examples how creative thinking and playing to one’s strengths can provide simple solutions to what could have become a costly disaster in the import/export world.

How to Avoid Bribes in International Business
Here we examine a bribery scenario, learn about Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and discover how to avoid or handle bribery disputes.

Designing for Foreign Cultures
When designing for a foreign audience, consider these five factors.

Tips to Trading Globally: An Interview with Laurel Delaney
What does it take for a company to go global? Find out here with this interview conducted by Today’s Chicago Woman and Laurel Delaney.

Creating New Products to Expand Your Overseas Market
In this article, I help you decide if you should create an entirely new product for an overseas market.

Entering a Foreign Market Through Licensing
In this article I take a look at what licensing is and what are the benefits to licensing. All in all, licensing is a great way to penetrate a new foreign market.

International Franchising: A Global Strategic Initiative
In this article, I look at what is international franchising, its benefits, examples of companies that have successfully franchised internationally, how to get started in franchising and where to look for additional help.

How to Determine If a Foreign Company is Legit
How do you determine if a foreign company is legitimate? Here are seven ways to find out.

What is Parallel Importing?
In this article, I define what parallel importing is, provide an example of parallel importing and touch on the lawfulness of parallel importations.

Ways to Enter a New Overseas Market
Here are three ways partnering can work to expand overseas. Plus, I provide a real-life case example.

How an Architectural Firm Expands from Local to Global in One Year
In this interview I ask Michael Ellis, managing partner at Hollywood, Calif.-based architectural firm 5+design, about how his start-up grew to become an internationally recognized organization.

Making the Case for a Global Brand
In this article, I spell out what a global brand is and five reasons to develop one.

A Take Action Guide to Setting Up an Office Outside of the U.S.
This is a take action guide to setting up an office outside of the U.S.

Reader Question About Importing a Product and Selling It Locally
This article answers questions from a South Korean reader about importing a product and selling it locally.

How to Select a Profitable Overseas Market
Once you have a good idea of what you want to export, you must decide which overseas market you are going to enter. Here I look at a variety of factors that play into the decision-making process.

Factors to Consider When Outsourcing
In this article, I discuss seven factors to consider when looking to outsource from around the world.

What You Need to Know Before Starting an Import/Export Business (III of III)
Here I cover sounding out the market before you tap into it, mastering the regulatory environment and locating a few good customers or suppliers well before you open your door to the world for business.

Why Should a Small Business Owner Set Up An Operation in Switzerland?
Find out why a small business owner should set up an operation in Switzerland. This is part 1 of a 2-part series with Michael Shrum of Talencium LLC.

The Financial Implications of Opening an Operation in Switzerland
In part two of our interview, I talk with Michael Shrum, owner of Talencium LLC, about the financial implications of opening shop in Switzerland.

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