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Global Learning Center

Things move fast in the import/export business — from international trade certification to the latest import/export online technology — so it's best to learn everything here to keep yourself and your business relevant.
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Get Yourself An Online Export Education

Essential Market Trends and Keys to Success
By now, you’re well on your way to growing your import and export business. What’s next? There are many developments in the world economy that are contributing to the emergence of a powerful borderless world and the runaway growth of opportunity that goes along with it. Here we give you essential information on the impact of relevant trends...

Small Business Globalization Through the Years (Part 1 of 3)
What was the climate like for small businesses that wanted to expand internationally in earlier years? Find out here and at the same time, discover four significant business developments that are taking place in the global economy of the 21st century.

Small Business Globalization Through the Years (Part 2 of 3)
This article covers the top ten obstacles to importing and exporting along with a listing of forces that have contributed to the strong growth for global small businesses over past decade.

Small Business Globalization Through the Years (Part 3 of 3)
In this article, we cover what sectors and regions of the world will see the healthiest economic growth. In addition, we offer general advice to small business owners how best to expand internationally.

Global Strategic Alliances: Why Form a Global Strategic Alliance
Find out valid reasons for forming a global strategic alliance (GSA).

Global Strategic Alliances: Advantages and Disadvantages
This article discusses how a global strategic alliance works and what it can and cannot do for you.

Global Strategic Alliances: Negotiating the Deal
This article examines how to negotiate the deal on a global strategic alliance.

International Travel Alerts: Travel Alerts By Country
This section offers practical tips and advisories to protect international business travelers from potential harm.

Get the Global Edge: Learn the Foreign Language!
In this article we discuss how language acquisition gives an importer/exporter a definite edge in a new foreign market.

Adventures in Mistranslations From Around the World
Examples of how the misuse of simple words can sabotage even your best border-crossing efforts.

Cross-Cultural Design: Designing Marketing Material and Products Across...
This article outlines four ways to design across cultures without offending anyone.

5 Trends That Are Reshaping a Brighter Future for Small Businesses
Find out how small businesses will leap from local to global over the coming years.

Borderless Business
Discover why there is no turning back to the outmoded way of strictly operating a small local business. It’s pure global business -- the world is your market.

International Business Schools: Your Key to the World
Here's a look in alphabetical order at eighteen (18) top-notch international business schools from around the world that can serve as a key to your world at any age.

Funny Mistranslations From Around the World

How to Become a Certified Global Business Professional
This article examines how to become a certified global business professional and what are the benefits.

The Mysterious Triangular Trade
Here you will find out what triangular trade is and how it occurred during the colonial era in American history.

Security Tips For International Travel
While traveling internationally, don't leave your street smarts at home. Here are six security tips you should practice when traveling overseas to ensure a safe trip.

6 Ways to Execute a Perfect Global Growth Plan For Your Business
To prepare for success, start to put a gigantic global growth plan for your business in place for the future. Here are six ways to go about it.

The 7 Signs of Import/Export Business Deterioration
This article offers seven signs that serve as early detectors of import/export business deterioration.

Developing a Meaningful Mentor Relationship for Your Import/Export Business
This article takes a look at how to develop a mentor relationship, what a mentor can offer you, how to find one and how to establish expectations in the relationship.

Inspiring Quotes On Globalization, Importing and Exporting
Here are a few noteworthy quotes on globalization, importing and exporting.

Game Changers in our Brave New World
In this article, I review a new book, "Planet Entrepreneur," explaining how entrepreneurs the world over are making a profit or meeting a pressing social need and how you can too.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly to Conducting Business in the Czech Republic
I interview Czech Republic expert Michael Grant. He provides the good, the bad and the ugly to doing business in the Czech Republic.

Provocative Quotes on Exporting Goods and Services
This article offers provocative business quotes on exporting goods and services.

The Definitive Book on Exporting has Arrived!
This article talks about Laurel Delaney's forthcoming book, "Exporting: The Definitive Guide To Selling Abroad Profitably."

How to Determine if You are Ready to Export
This article helps you figure out if you are ready to export.

An Interview with Brian Schwarz, an American marketing professor in China
In this interview, American marketing professor in China, Brian Schwartz, discusses a number of things, one of which is what small businesses can learn from trademark issues in China.

Six Biggest Stumbling Blocks to Going Global and How to Overcome Them
What is stopping small business owners and entrepreneurs from going global? Is it really that hard? It boils down to six basic, simple reasons. Here they are. Each of these is based on years of experience working in the field of importing and exporting.

Factors to Consider When Outsourcing
In this article, I discuss seven factors to consider when looking to outsource from around the world.

An Interview With Turkish Star, Baybars Altuntas
An interview with Turkish television star, global entrepreneur and best-selling author Baybars Altuntas. Here's what came out of our discussion.

Why Web Translation is Critical For American Companies
An interview with Vigdis Eriksen, Founder & CEO of Eriksen Translations Inc. This is part one of a two-part interview.

How to Get In the Ready-State For Translating a Website
An interview with Vigdis Eriksen, Founder & CEO of Eriksen Translations Inc. This is part two of a two-part interview.

8 Globalization Articles Worth a Read
Here I outline eight timeless articles on globalization that were originally published by Harvard Business Review (HBR).

The Financial Implications of Opening an Operation in Switzerland
In part two of our interview, I talk with Michael Shrum, owner of Talencium LLC, about the financial implications of opening shop in Switzerland.

Why Global Marketers Continually Learn and Develop
Why is it important for global marketers to be continually learning and developing? Here’s what the experts said.

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