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10 Insanely Great Websites to Help You Build an Import/Export Business


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Looking to import or export but don’t have the foggiest idea on how to get started? In addition to this site, here are a few places to visit to help you move forward.

1. American Association of Exporters and Importers: Provides advocacy, advanced communications, education and information for companies practicing international trade.

2. North American Importers Association: Brings US importers, buyers, and wholesalers together with exporters around the world.

3. GlobalTrade.net: Serves as a knowledge resource for international trade professionals.

4. GlobeTrade.com: Helps entrepreneurs and small businesses expand internationally. (Full disclosure: I own this company!)

5. Import Export International Business Help Center: Provides 368 pages of information about worldwide B2B and import/export opportunities.

6. Kompass: Supplies global business information on more than 2.2 million companies in 70 countries. Buyers can pinpoint suppliers and send them requests for quotes.

7. Port Import Export Reporting Service: Provides current, comprehensive data on international trade.

8. Small Business Exporters Association: Encourages the promotion and growth of exporting U.S. goods and services produced by U.S. based small and mid-size businesses.

9. The Federation of International Trade Associations (FITA): Provides international import export trade leads, events, and links to more than 8,000 international trade (export import) related websites.

10. USA Trade Online: Delivers current and cumulative U.S. export and import data for over 18,000 export commodities and 24,000 import commodities.

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