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Using LinkedIn to Market Your Import/Export Business Globally


To show the world you are serious about importing/exporting, join and actively participate in a variety of social media and networking platforms. LinkedIn is one in particular that I use for making professional global connections, asking questions and getting answers to international trade-related issues.

This should be an ongoing, consistent effort, not a flash in the pan moment. Flaunt your ability to obtain resources throughout the world by value creation. For example, bring together two unrelated synergistic parties in different countries to work on a world-changing project through Google Docs. Let people know you can build new international business relationships, alliances and partnerships as well as cope with and learn from challenges in the global marketplace.

These connections help identify new global market opportunities, contribute to breaking into new markets and increase one's knowledge base on a global scale.

A few groups I am a member of: Global Sourcing, Global Private Equity & Venture Capital, Go Global Internationalization Forum, HECNA Housewares Export Council, International Business and International Export Import, to name just a few. There’s more. Explore LinkedIn.

See you there!

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