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Success Stories

Learn best-kept secrets from people who are successfully importing and exporting. Hint: preparation, commitment, cultural sensitivity, knowledge, solid relationships and trust are just a few of the golden gems this site will uncover to help you make a success out of your import/export business. Plus, find out the twelve keys to international business success. It starts with a global mindset.

Five Tips for Business Success
In this article I’ve selected several principles-in-action that Hugh DePree implemented at furniture maker Herman Miller and how they relate to running not just an import/export business but any business.

Import/Export Success: First, Get a Companywide Commitment
Success in importing and exporting is directly related to a companywide commitment. Find out why here.

Essential Market Trends and Keys to Success
By now, you’re well on your way to growing your import and export business. What’s next? There are many developments in the world economy that are contributing to the emergence of a powerful borderless world and the runaway growth of opportunity that goes along with it. Here we give you essential information on the impact of relevant trends...

14 Incentives for Importing/Exporting
Find out incentives (benefits) for importing/exporting!

How to Position Your Business for Global Success
Here are ten ways to position your business for global success.

Boundary-Crossing At Its Best
How to increase your chance for import/export success.

What It Takes to Achieve Export Success
What it takes to achieve import/export success.

How to Find Importing and Exporting Success
How do you know when you are ready to expand your business internationally? This article answers that question and provides five tips for importing and exporting success.

Five Strategies For Developing Overseas Sales Success
This article explains five creative yet reliable strategies that demonstrate cultural and social sensitivity, gain customer confidence and respect, and generate steady sales.

Small Business Globalization Through the Years (Part 1 of 3)
What was the climate like for small businesses that wanted to expand internationally in earlier years? Find out here and at the same time, discover four significant business developments that are taking place in the global economy of the 21st century.

Small Business Globalization Through the Years (Part 2 of 3)
This article covers the top ten obstacles to importing and exporting along with a listing of forces that have contributed to the strong growth for global small businesses over past decade.

Small Business Globalization Through the Years (Part 3 of 3)
In this article, we cover what sectors and regions of the world will see the healthiest economic growth. In addition, we offer general advice to small business owners how best to expand internationally.

6 Ways to Execute a Perfect Global Growth Plan For Your Business
To prepare for success, start to put a gigantic global growth plan for your business in place for the future. Here are six ways to go about it.

Pointers For Going Global
An experienced global trader, Antoine (Tony) Loup, shares his success tips for going global.

5 Trends That Are Reshaping a Brighter Future for Small Businesses
Find out how small businesses will leap from local to global over the coming years.

Launching Your Start-Up Globally
This interview was conducted by GrowBiz Media with me, Laurel Delaney in July 2012. I spoke with GrowBiz Media about launching a start-up globally since anyone in the world who has an Internet connection can access a website.

Tips to Trading Globally: An Interview with Laurel Delaney
What does it take for a company to go global? Find out here with this interview conducted by Today’s Chicago Woman and Laurel Delaney.

Creating New Products to Expand Your Overseas Market
In this article, I help you decide if you should create an entirely new product for an overseas market.

Doing the Right Thing in the Global Marketplace Will Bring You Business Success

Ways to Enter a New Overseas Market
Here are three ways partnering can work to expand overseas. Plus, I provide a real-life case example.

Paul Dillon
Paul Dillon is a guest writer to the Import/Export Guide site.

How an Architectural Firm Expands from Local to Global in One Year
In this interview I ask Michael Ellis, managing partner at Hollywood, Calif.-based architectural firm 5+design, about how his start-up grew to become an internationally recognized organization.

Mexico’s Sleeping Giant Investment Opportunity: Sinaloa
What follows is an excerpt from my interview with Carlos Balderrama, executive president of CODESIN, when we talked about what makes Sinaloa, Mexico a good investment opportunity right now.

10 Traits for Personal and Business Success From Laurel Delaney
In this article I discuss ten traits that have been useful to me in the course of running my business. See if you practice any of these too, and if you do—you are well on your way to import/export success.

International Trade Champions
An interview with award-winning international trade consultant Ayse Oge. She discusses the current state of the global economy and what it takes to become a champion at international business.

An Interview With Baybars Altuntas, a Turkish Television Star
An interview with Turkish television star, global entrepreneur and best-selling author Baybars Altuntas. Here's what came out of our discussion.

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